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Chamil Pathiarana

Chamil Pathirana is a Sri Lankan film director, screenwriter and producer in the field of creative productions. He is also a VFX Supervisor and has contributed his work for many productions. He has obtained 18 different awards for his work in the Signus and Derana Awards. His contribution and commitment to bringing new technologies and 3D telecasting work on social media, television and film have been a true work of art. He is also working on introducing the practicality of all these work standards. As he is a professional in this field, he also is an instructor, teaching the guidelines of production.

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"Chamil Pathirana crafts visual magic, seamlessly intertwining music and imagery to create an unforgettable experience."

Abhisheka Wimalaweera


''Chamil Pathirana is a master of emotion, capturing the essence of music in visually stunning sequences that tug at the heartstrings.''

Umaria Sinhawansa


"With a visionary approach, Chamil Pathirana brings songs to life through stunning visuals that linger in the mind long after the video ends.”

Nirosha Jayanetti

Director, British cosmetics

“Chamil Pathirana pushes the boundaries of creativity, delivering visually striking videos that are a treat for the senses.”

Randhir Witana